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algeria - the crisis of a regime still incapable of movement

  • Algeria - The crisis of a regime still incapable of movement

    Post by Editor on November LQA

    In lanation.info

    Ahmed Selman.

    Any North Africa from Egypt to Morocco is moving or trying to give an appearance of movement. The Algerian regime openly vow of immobility. The incarnation of presidential power gives open signs of great fatigue and "facilitators," the alleged political parties, skate and do not know what theme shake to assume their "role". It is true that the Algerian system requires its subordinate relay to talk without saying anything. We know at least that Stalin those without power are confined and "forced" to express in the form of jargon. It must be said without saying anything! The comedy of politics organized by the Algerian system is simple to none. The actors say without saying anything at all. Algerians have long understood. Only the poor diplomats in Algeria looking for something in the triviality of the squabble in the djihaz the FLN and the accusations launched against him that another party to block the "reforms" of the president. There are even members who call the President to "legislate by ordinance" to supposedly "liberate" the reforms. Diplomats, it seems required to give copies to their Central and anxious not to be taken by surprise as the fall of the very "stable" Ben Ali, have enough to fill the void with relationships. Algerians, they have lost until reflex to listen and see the titles of the JT 20 hours before zapper.

    Green Wave "light"

    In Egypt, things continue to move with a political standoff multiple directions. Between a military that wants to preserve what it can from the old system - in which she had the lead role - and revolutionaries friendly, romantic, but do not seem to be aware of the impatience of a social "return order, "third actor tip. The Muslim Brotherhood are available, the Egyptians, as a "median line" between an armed suspect of wanting to restore order and young reviled "too radical" for a population much of which is from the perspective of mere survival. In the background, an imperial order and geopolitical situation grows complicated arrangements that do not rush things too much. One thing is sure: the heavy Egypt moves, new actors are emerging, old players are rushed. A new order is sought. In which the democratic radicalism romantic Al-Tahrir Square does have a role to scout and living witness to the inevitable return of order embodied in institutions do not become a new closure for other decades. Note that although the Muslim Brotherhood have a significant charitable and social activities, but they remain a right-wing party that defends the same economic liberalism than Mubarak. Al-Tahrir Square gives especially to see a "middle class" educated who wants to - this is debatable - the incarnation of a "revolutionary legitimacy". But legitimacy being overwhelmed by the use of polls and expression in the majority. But that does not show Al-Tahrir Square, or so imperfectly is that behind the revolution, there is a great social protest expressed. And that may be stifled for a time, by the ability of the Muslim Brotherhood to control the old social order to regain strength. Left to go green alleged "Light". The reassuring side is that many Egyptians have tasted the freedom of expression. And they are not ready to abandon it anytime soon. Although the polls - and obviously it seems to work - will force Al-Tahrir Square to think politics differently. And to organize themselves differently. One thing is certain: Egypt is moving. And those who are or will business will have to consider a company with its differences and divergences, whose political existence was always denied.

    Morocco: the shadow of the Palais

    Morocco is moving? Not really, although the French media very much in love of the "dolce vita" want to believe the whole world. With some success elsewhere. Compared to Egypt and Tunisia, Morocco is treading water. Or apply the letter of the rule enacted Lampedusa in The Leopard: something moves to keep things in place. It's pretty well done. After a constitutional amendment that has not changed the order of the system but has made adjustments semantics, the Palace hosted a competition between the establishment parties that gives the Islamist PJD (Party of Justice and Development) an advance on that allows it to claim the post of head of government but forced him to ally with other parties. The Palace keeps hands. And the revised Constitution states that the king "forced" to take a prime minister in the party won, she can choose who he wants in the party. Receiving, on Tuesday, Abdelillah Benkirane, King chose not to play too much on that possibility. But it is clear - just read the Moroccan Constitution to be convinced - that the King keeps the hand. The Islamists, fréristes, PJD will not disrupt the game. They move the lines within the parties of the establishment. They put the Islamists of the PJD to the test of running a country beset by major social problems. And expressed politically in a movement of 20 February tenacious in his claim to real change. If Tunisia and Egypt are moving and if Morocco gives the appearance of movement, the Algerian system seems unable to create an illusion of movement.

    Algeria - The Shadow Warrior

    What does the "Center" in Algerian system he knows well? To try to do at least as Morocco. But consider how a movement like that of Morocco when the doctrine of the system is no longer "trust" the ability of Algerian voters to the "right choice"? How to reform when the status quo - made even more immobile revenues from oil revenues - is elevated to a religion. Much has been referred to the sequence of the 90 to explain why the Algerians are reluctant to "demon-crats" who raise their "follow me" and decided, after years of assiduous companionship with the regime, he must " change ". But this sequence even more haunting the supporters of the regime. Freedoms, the right to organize without the supervision of the "leaders" of the shadow, free elections ... It's all part of the lexicon to be banned. Or rather emptied of meaning. The regime does not accept that the secret society a political landscape. He always wants to draw the landscape by giving scores to players who do not end up losing the voice. The reality is that by manipulating words, parties and newspapers, the regime has managed to undercut their credibility. For example, the MSP appeared to have a future in the 90's has been quietly abandoned by its management that does not drip of bad comedy in which their party has begun. The MSP is not even a pale copy of the PJD. It is not surprising therefore to see that the plan is not even able to create the illusion of movement and the "animators" who must say without saying anything have become voiceless. The Algerian system resembles the Takeda clan in the movie "Shadow of the Warrior" of the great Akira Kurosawa. It is clinically finished but it works without the success of the Takeda clan, to conceal it. It is true that the Takeda clan was given a relatively reasonable period of three years of concealing the death of its leader. In Algeria, the system searches a concealment vitae ad-ad-infinitum. Untenable ...